Small Biz Spotlight: Amelia's Flower Truck

Hey friends! We love creative small business, we love girl bosses, and we love Nashville. We've found that the combo of the three is nothing short of magical! There are so many creative businesses in this city, so we've decided to start sharing some of our favorites. Every week we will be photographing and featuring a unique small business in the area, along with a few Q&A's with the creative that brought their entrepreneurial dream to life. We hope you're as inspired as we are!

This week we had the chance to chat with Mattie Bush, the dreamer behind the cute little flower truck you see usually parked around the 12 South neighborhood. We're obsessed with the concept and branding behind Amelia's Flower Truck, and who doesn't love a bouquet of fresh flowers?!

Hey Mattie! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! What was your background before starting Amelia's Flower Truck? Did you have experience in floral design?
For some reason this question is harder to answer than I thought. I dabbled in a lot of different things before starting Amelia's Flower Truck. I studied Fine Art in college and then traveled a bit when I graduated. After that I worked in film production, and when I moved to Nashville I managed a food truck. In a roundabout way, it all led me to where I am today. I didn't have any floral design experience. The ironic part is that I'm actually slightly allergic to flowers, so working with them every day never really came to mind until the idea of the flower truck.

Where did the inspiration for Amelia's Flower Truck come from?
Traveling became a huge part of my life at a young age, and I knew that I wanted to start a business that reflected that in some way. I started to think about what I loved about exploring new towns and cities, and a common thread was flowers. I have always been envious of the accessibility bigger cities had to flowers, and I wanted Nashville to have that too.

What has it been like running a small business in Nashville?
It has been amazing. Nashville is the perfect city to own a small business in. There is a "local" movement going on here in that people want to support local businesses, and other small business owners are so supportive as well. It's been a dream and I can't imagine doing it anywhere else.

What advice do you have for aspiring creative entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?
Don't be afraid to share your ideas with others. Getting feedback from other small business owners and people in the same industry really helped me figure out if it would work or not (although you really don't know until you try). I would also say, do it. Too many creative people are crippled by the fear of failing that they won't even try, and that's the biggest mistake.

What's your favorite kind of flower?
Is it crazy that I don't have one? I see so many new and beautiful flowers so often that it is hard for me to decide on just one. Recently, I've loved carrying Dahlias on the truck.

Check out Amelia's Flower Truck here and on Instagram.


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